Vulcan Death Grip (EP)

by Hot Beaver

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Feed the Machine lyrics video:


released April 1, 2015

Hot Beaver 2015
Released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
You are free and much welcome to copy, share and use the songs on this release non-commercially, just credit Hot Beaver.


Lőcsei Bence - Vocalz
Ifj. Kocsándi Miklós - Guitar
Makai László - Drumz
Horváth Gábor Sexy - Fuzz

Lukács Peta - Recordingz/Mixingz/Masteringz
Rusty - FOH Mixingz/Tech
Jolozsef - Monitor Mixingz/Tech




Hot Beaver Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Feed the Machine
Feed the Machine

Cease the fear of the stats
Gut-feel the blessing of their gravity
Breed to bake in yourself
Don't crawl deeper down the rabbit hole

Ref.: Hey, you've got to feed the machine
Oh, before it's eating you
Release the fear of the needle
Provide for your pimps

Tease to vindicate the rape
Go blind to overlook the homicide
No cause to justify the means
Just bleed, I see you on the otherside

Track Name: Static Matter
Static Matter

Anesthetics - Fucking paid
You maniac I'm Still awake
Doc's room, death's robe
Metal Breaking skin and bone

Here to say “Who are you?
To a marsh you brought me”
Static matter staring back
Can't say if It's...

Ref.: ...Awake
To find out who we are
You cut me I cut you

Ignorance - Airtight
Self-religious asswipe
Spitting out fallacies
Pissing on a closed door.

Here to say - To your face
“Fuck you! Do you get me?”
Static matter staring back
Can't say if It's...
Track Name: High Society
High Society

Wait there in line
Give the bitty to the cream, a sacrifice
To the rich a first child, the bloody body
Of a beast, a feast makes the leech happy (happy)

Discount god. Sad clone of a dream. A whore
To a fantasy. Get ready cunt
Rich daddy can’t bail you out of this one

Ref.: Give me a reason, a reason
Oh boy I'm right there, don't you stop
A stake through the face seems apt for a bloodsucker
Yeah well, I’m not a nice guy buddy

Oh well you’re not the first fag
To reckon to have found a price tag on me.
Think I’m anybody. I’m not anybody.
I’m the Boogeyman straight from under your bed.

Hard up whore. Bad joke on a meme. A slave.
To a fallacy. Get ready punk.
Rich daddy can’t bail you out of this one

You failed to back this up
You suck!
Track Name: Cellophane

Seeing the holy silver lining
Had, gloomy and decayed
An unnatural lonely feeling
Overcomes me. Now I see
It's feeding time

Ref.: You just wasting time like I do?
Or do you allways make it count?
This but entropy, in a jar of leeches
Oh, you make me hate myself

Rouse by noises of bereavement
I gaze through the cellophane
To this brute we are but victuals
Back to sleep now I hear
It's feeding time


It’s feeding time.
Decay into the void. Get away into the void.
Get away.

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